About the Campers

The campers are youth from the Chicago and Metro-Chicago area. Chicago Alive Youth Camp has ministered to all kinds of youth from as young as 9 years old to as old as 17. They are youth from all different types.

Some of the campers come from broken homes, dealing with drug and alcohol related issues. Some come interactions with or even involvement in street gangs. Some come from poverty-stricken areas. Why do they come? Maybe just to get away from the city or for a really affordable camp or just to be a part of a camp.

There is no requirement or prerequisite for campers. We are open to all types and everyone in the age range. As long as they don’t pose a threat to themselves or others, welcome all of them. Because we believe that all should have the chance to hear and witness the message of the gospel.

Your prayer and financial support make an incredible difference.

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