About the Counselors

The Chicago Alive Youth Camp counselors are ordinary people doing the extraordinary for Christ. They are a group of people who vary in backgrounds, attend different churches, and have different experiences. In addition to this, the counselors also vary in culture and ethnic background. Yet they are bound together by a common purpose: to see people come to know Jesus Christ. It is these differences that offer a unique understanding and sensitivity to the needs of the community and people that we serve.

However, we realize that even with our vast experiences and knowledge, we can not just depend on that alone. Therefore, the counselors have a time of training together. Here we strive to go deeper in Christ through praying, studying and memorizing scriptures, and partnering together because we realize that in order to effectively share the love of Christ with others, we must first have and believe it ourselves. Through these trainings, counselors also begin to understand the socioeconomic situations the youth tend to come from as well as how to attain a biblical perspective on it. Training also consists not just of spiritual preparation, but also physical preparation as camp can be a tiring week.

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