In anticipation of camp this year, we are sending the call out to serve at Camp as a counselor! A counselor at Camp does not just happen overnight: there’s an application to fill out as well as training and preparation and also getting to know and work with the other counselors as well. It is a high calling and privilege to serve and be used by God this way and thus certain restrictions may apply. But many that have come and served at Camp have found that God spoke to their lives as well. Sometimes you see the counselors get more out of it than the campers!

Counselors are required to go through a mandatory training and preparation program that begins months before Camp is even underway. Training generally includes (but is not limited to): spiritual heart preparation, learning to have a servant’s heart, worship, getting to know the camper mindset, fundraising, prayer and other spiritual, administrative and sometimes physical preparation. This preparation is key because it ultimately teaches them to be utterly dependent on God and His power working through them.

If you are interested in becoming a counselor (restricted to 18 years or older), please contact us by going HERE and requesting a counselor application.


Pastors & Speakers

We are currently working on contacting different speakers and pastors that are available to serve the Lord in this way. Check back here continually for updates!

Age Group Camp Speaker Camp Pastor
First Age Group
Second Age Group
Third Age Group

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